Ericsson Software Technology

Fostering open source, collaborative technology

Our story

We believe open source technology enables a smarter, more prosperous digital world. That’s why Ericsson Software Technology is committed to fostering open source projects through emerging technology contribution and cross-industry collaboration.

Enabling new ways of working

Ericsson Software Technology (EST) is Ericsson’s open source software development division, and was established in 2017 to drive an agile and collaborative new framework that better engages with open source projects and communities.

We provide developers, coders and engineers with progressive software tools and programs to explore emerging technologies and develop innovative, open source projects.

Promoting an open, more agile shared economy

Collaboration drives a better, more agile shared economy.

Working together using open resources cultivates new opportunities and contributes to new industry standards, boosting innovation and improving cross-industry cooperation along the way. Ericsson Software Technology is proud to have collaborated with the following open source communities.